NEWSFLASH!!!!! We now have 8 sane & sensible Horses & Ponies available :D



Ideal for riders between 1-5 years old

Height: 8 hh

Gender: Gelding

Age: 20 Years

Colour: Grey Roan

Breed: Miniature Shetland


Perfect for the under 7's

Height: 9.2 hh

Gender: Gelding

Age: 20 Years

Colour: Chestnut

Breed: Shetland


A versatile schoolmaster. Currently in retirement but is happy to attend unicorn parties :)

Height:   13.2 hh

Gender:  Gelding

Age:       25 years

Colour:    Grey

Breed:     Welsh Cross


A Lovely Gypsy Cob, a good weight carrier for adults with a calm, relaxed temperament

Height:    14.3 hh

Gender:   Mare

Age;        10 years

Colour:    Piebald

Breed:    Gypsy Cob


A cute cuddly pony who LOVES humans more than horses!

Height:    11.2 hh

Gender:    Gelding

Age:          10 years

Colour:      Chestnut Roan

Breed:       Welsh Cross


Height:     14.1 hh

Gender:    Mare

Age:          6 years

Colour:      Liver Chestnut

Breed:       Section D Cross


Height:     13 hh

Gender:     Mare

Age:          10 Years

Colour:       Grey

Breed:       Welsh x Shetland


Height:      14hh

Gender:      Gelding

Age:            11 Years

Colour:        Piebald

Breed:        Gypsy Cob

Millie, Oliver & Baby Daisy are our 3 cob youngsters that are currently in training :)