What is it?

A pony share is an agreement between Pony Pursuits and an individual or family who want the experience of "owning" a pony with minimum expense & commitment

You will have up to 2 set days per week, on which you will have full use of your named pony. You can use one or all of your days. All I ask is that you text and let me know if you are not visiting "your" pony on any of your set days. I will then feed and care for them as usual. It is up to you how you wish to use your days :O) But if the ponies have booked work you will have to ride outside of those times.

How much does it cost?

A pony share costs £30 per week and there are no hidden expenses. Pony Pursuits is responsible for all feed, keep, farrier & veterinary costs.

What Happens to the money I pay?

Your contribution is turned into hay, feed and funding for routine care such as farriery, vaccinations, wormers and tack. It also means that the ponies can have a winter holiday from Pleasure Rides during the quieter months. 

How do I express an interest?

Use the "contact Us" link on this website or give us a call

What do I do if I no longer wish to continue my Pony Share?

Just give us 4 weeks notice :O) You will be given a contract at the start of the share outlining your rights and responsibilities, but there is no set contract term. If you decide to stop sharing, for whatever reason. 4 weeks notice is acceptable.

Do I need any experience?

Yes, you need to know the basics, to enable you to catch, handle and tack up your pony (well enough to allow you to safely enjoy your share). We are just a phonecall away if you need advice or assistance. If you would like to book one to one sessions prior to your share we are happy to offer this at our usual rate of £17.50 for 30 minutes :)

Is there anything else that I need to consider?

1. You will need to take out Public Liability Insurance at the cost of approximately £5 per month to ensure your own safety and the safety of the general public.

2. This page aims to provide you with a brief outline of what a pony share entails. We can discuss your particular needs, preferences and any aspect of a pony share in more detail, once you have expressed an interest.

Ponies currently available for share

Bo Bo - 8.2hh miniature Shetland

Sam - 9.2hh Shetland

Crackerjack - 13.2hh pony

Jubilee 14.3hh Gypsy cob